“A Sculpture in Steel”

That’s how design and architecture publications described this home when it was first built. Designed by renowned architect Omer Mithun, the structure rises from the forest floor to put its owners among the trees with unobstructed views of Lake Washington and the downtown Seattle skyline.

The design is timeless, blending modern lines and steel with warm earthy materials to create a home that feels at once like a stately castle and a platform floating in the sky.

Mithun’s vision was made a reality by one of Seattle’s premier engineers, Robert Champion, whose soaring steel beams and cantilevered balconies create feelings of solitude and openness which persist today, though Bellevue has grown into a major metropolis in the years that followed.

This property captured the imagination of design and architecture writers who described the seamless integration of this unique structure with its spectacular Northwest setting. The home has appeared in local and national publications three times, its distinctive design providing inspiration for others.

Since its construction, 1919 Killarney Way has had only two owners. The most recent owners, Robert and Chloe Lambert, lovingly restored many of the home’s original design features while updating bath, kitchen and living spaces. The master bath in particular is a spa-like space in which water is presented in creative ways, connecting with the lake outside the room’s windows.